Cybercrimes are threats to society

Now cyber crime is anprecedented thread to society.

We expecting the next generation of technological advances. Without a full understanding of the cyber security risks in the cyber phisical world.

In 2018 we’re going to realise that every IT role will have cyber security responsibilities. Every employee will be expected to protect and defend their company’s data.

Everyone uses the Internet and social media in one way or the other, which puts their privacy at the mercy of hackers.

Threat surface extention

Emerging technologies such as

artificial intelligence (AI);

the Internet of Things (IoT);

virtual/augmented reality (VR&AR);

and automation;

require equally advanced technical skillsets to harness their potential without any risk.

Everyone who deals with information technology has to be part cyberwarrior.  Everyone who uses a computer will need basic cybersecurity skills. Who works in IT will need specific job-related cybersecurity knowledge. Indstry needs both general and specialized cybersecurity professionals.

GDPR ensure that organisations face up to the realities of cybercrime quickly and effectively and raise the stats quite significantly regarding data breaches, as organisations are required to report incidents involving personal data.

And every IT role have cyber security knowledge and competences gaps.

In the race to make the world interconnected with smart things (IoT), there is granted risk that a whole raft of security vulnerabilities have been overlooked as manufactures and retailers in hurry to become the first to market.

Financial institutions will demand that individuals prove they have adequate levels of security in place before being eligible for any type of compensation if they do become a victim of cybercrime