The price includes: lecture fees, training materials package, certificate issuance, 2 coffee breaks per day, hall, presentation equipment.


for more learners:

    • for two learners – 8%
    • for three learners – 16%
    • for four learners – 24%

      for corporate training:

        • in a customer-provided room – 5%
        • in a client-provided multimedia room – 7%
        • in a computer-assisted multimedia room – 10%

          when registering for more than one training:

          • for two trainings – 5% of the price for each of the trainings
          • for three trainings – 10% of the price for each of the trainings

            Get Offer

            If you would like to receive an offer for more than one training, to train a combination of modules from different trainings, to train at another location or at other times, please use the contact form. 



            The price is paid by bank transfer before the start of the training. Please submit invoice data. 


            Please indicate how you would like to receive a confirmation of your inclusion in the training:

            • Email
            • phone