In-depth knowledge of the legal and technical aspects of GDPR required by the DPO in advise on security solutions, asset data audits, implementation of new information systems, communication with CPDP.

We are distinguished because we offer in-depth knowledge of cyber security that is needed by the Data Protection Officer

GDPR COURSES, Cyber Security, e-Privacy

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Time: 20 lessons

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Basic competencies for GDPR

GDPR01. Fundamentals of GDPR’s personal data protection

Module 1. Introduction to GDPR
Module 2. Privacy of the organization
Module 3. Compliance with GDPR requirements

CS01. Basics of Cyber Security in the Context of GDPR

Module 1. Introduction to cyber security
Module 2. Risk assessment for the company’s business and assets
Module 3. Audit of the organization’s information system from the point of view of cyber security

LAW01 Basic legal issues

Module 1. Basics in national legislation
Module 2. Basic principles of international public law
Module 3. Basic Principles in Private International Law
Module 4. Basic EU law

DPO01 Law and practices in the field of personal data protection

Module 1. Personal data protection law
Module 2. Practices in the field of personal data protection
Module 3. Data Protection Officers (DPO)

EPr01. ePrivacy Basics until publication of the final version of the EU document

Under preparation

Competencies for advanced

GDPR02. Implementation of GDPR requirements

Module 1. Assessment of GDPR deployment readiness
Module 2. Asset Audit, Data Minimization, Planning, and Techno-Economic Assessment for the Deployment of GDRP
Module 3. Implementation of Data Protection Impact Assessment requirements


CS02. Cyber security in the organization’s information and communication system

Module 1. Asset Management, Updates, and Access Control. Logging Utilities (syslog and Event Viewer)
Module 2. Perimeter security, database security. Response to security incidents.
Module 3. Lifetime design security for software development, programming, testing, and support.


LAW02 GDPR and Law

Module 1. GDPR and National Legislation
Module 2. GDPR and International Public Law
Module 3. GDPR and International Private Law

DPO02 Transmission of personal data to third countries or international organizations

Module 1. General principles for the transfer of personal data
Module 2. Decisions on the level of protection of personal data
Module 3. Special cases

EPr 2. ePrivacy in the organization and introduction of GDPR

Under preparation

GDPR expert level

GDPR03. Manage compliance with GDPR

Module. 1. Tasks and activities of the DPOA
Module 2. Impact assessment on data protection for products and services
Module 3. Managing GDPR compliance change


CS 03. Cyber security in the organization’s information and communication technology

Module 1. Control over Privileged Users. Eliminate the consequences of security incidents.
Module 2. Migration of Perimeter Security in Incorporating Cloud Services and Mobile Nomads.
Module 3. Design, construction and management of a complex ICT security system in the organization.


LAW03 Personal data protection and case law

Module 1. European Union case law
Module 2. Practice of the Bulgarian Courts
Module 3. Practice of the European Court of Human Rights
Module 4. Other interesting case studies

EPr03. Risks of ePrivacy and GDPR breaches

Under preparation

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