Management Information Systems

Mode of study: full-time

Duration: 3 semesters

4 semesters

Program Director: Associate Professor Kamen Spassov, PhD, MBA, MSc


Mobile: +359 898 422 585

Program Coordinator: Assistant Professor Boyko Amarov


Master’s Degree Program in Management Information Systems

aims at preparation of specialists who will be able to manage the application of modern information, communication and management technologies in business.

It’s goal is to train highly qualified specialists who will master the modern methods and tools to manage the implementation, operation and maintenance of management information systems in organizations.

Upon completion of the program,

the student must be familiar with and possess the skills to perform a variety of functions related to the use of management information systems in companies from different sectors of the economy, including holding managerial positions and/or starting and developing their own businesses.

The three-semester program is aimed at practitioners with a background in economics and business administration (business management, marketing, economics, finance, and other related), whose career plans include positions at managerial levels that use management information systems, as well as entrepreneurs with economics background who have realized the need for serious theoretical preparation and the need for continuous self-improvement and continued learning.

The four-semester program is aimed at:

Professionals in the field of technical sciences (computer science and information and communication technologies, mathematics, physics, etc.) who have completed 4 years of training and have covered 240 credits, whose career plans include management positions related to the use of management information systems, as well as entrepreneurs and business executives (managers) who have realized the need for serious theoretical preparation and the need for continuous self-improvement and lifelong learning.

Professional Bachelors (with 3 years of study and 180 credits) in Computer Science and Information and Communication Technology, Economics, Management, Social and other sciences who wish to continue their education with a master’s degree and plan to pursue a degree in Management Information Systems. According to the Bulgarian legislation, in order to obtain a master’s degree, 3-year bachelor’s students must obtain 120 credits within two years.

Employees with a university degree and a minimum of 2 years of experience in business administration or in information and communication technologies who wish to prepare for managerial or consultancy positions or to start their own business in the field of management information systems.

The program is offered in English to enable both the increasing number of foreigners working in Bulgaria to upgrade their qualifications, to attract well-prepared bachelors from abroad to study at Sofia University, as well as to Bulgarians who work and will develop professionally in an English-speaking environment in Bulgaria. The program offers a multicultural environment for learning and developing leadership skills.

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